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Picture of me, Paul. Hello!

Hi there!

My name is

Paul R.

and I am a:

  • developer
  • designer
  • >programmer
  • animator
  • storyteller
  • person
  • developer

<about me/>

Pixel-art illustration of myself
Hey there!

I'm a multi-skilled front-end developer and writer based in Toronto, Canada.

I'm always refining my skills as a creator and as both a front-end and back-end developer. Below you can see just a small glimpse of the work I've done as a front-end developer, applying my past skills in print design, graphic design, animation, writing, and photography!

What's your story?

Born and raised in Niagara Falls, I eventually found myself in love with the city of Toronto, studying at prestigious schools including University of Toronto, Humber College, and Juno (formerly HackerYou).

I have years of experience freelancing as a web developer for small businesses and non-profits, as well as a copy editor and writer, trading largely with local publications.

Okay, but what else?

Having graduated from Juno's immersive front-end development program, I have become a highly-skilled and dedicated front-end developer, with a deeply-rooted love for what I do.

I have an indomitable passion for giving back to the LGBTQ community, of which I owe so much, and love working with people and working toward making the world a better place through both charity foundations and advocacy.

Most of all, I am dedicated to growing as a person and becoming better every day, however I can. I have a genuine love of all people and will always go out of my way to provide whatever support I can for those in need.

(Also I'm pretty good at Dark Souls)

So if you have anything you'd like to talk about, please contact me!


I am a creator

I consider myself a life-long creator and a veteran in web development (though one who is constantly learning and improving).

My philosophy in design has always been to challenge myself and invent new and ambitious ways of developing content. In web development in particular, I pride myself in avoiding prefabs and third-party libraries in my own personal work; if it's something I can learn to do myself, that's what I'm going to do.

That isn't to say I don't have experience with libraries, though! I often work with the more essential Javascript libraries, including jQuery and React.js

I am a programmer

My experience as a programmer began at an early age, when I would explore the inner workings of DOS and write small games using chains of batch scripts.

Since then, I have expanded on and improved my skills and abilities on my own as a self-taught coder with experience in languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, and C.

I am an artist

On the design side of web development, as the son of an art teacher, I had always possessed a certain ability for visual arts and layout. Throughout my life I have constantly worked to improve my aptitude in digital graphics and animation, as well as my instincts in colours and form. With a formal education in print design and layout, I've used my collection of abilities to always come up with new and interesting ways of developing exciting web sites and applications.

my toolkit
Icon for HTML 5 Icon for CSS 3 Icon for Javascript Icon for jQuery Icon for my SQL Icon for Node.JS Icon for PHP Icon for Python Icon for React Icon for SASS Icon for Git Icon for WordPress


Horror Night

Horror Night is the latest personal project of mine, and it's still a work in progress as I add more content and refine the design.

Made purely in React and using original content in tandem with The Movie Database's excellent API, Horror Night is something I've been wanting to create for a while, and inspired by what's become a ritual with my closest friend, where we get together every month to watch a new horror film and then dissect it.

Though it's still in its early stages, it currently comprises of over 3,000+ lines of code, all written within the span of a single week.

As I grow more and more comfortable with React, I'm more eager to come up with new React projects like this one!

Original design
Responsive Design
Third-party API

Haiku Generator

The Haiku generator was one of the larger-scale web applications I've created, and one of my prouder accomplishments.

Programmed entirely in Javascript, this project was a labour of love and my final piece for Juno's part-time web development program. The intent was to create a procedural method of producing genuine, randomly-generated haikus faithful to the traditional Japanese style. Every line is chosen from a database of personally-written poetry, along with an accompanying, low-weight looping background animation.

The project took about a week to design and build, with additional time spent to refine and add to the overall product after completion.

There were a lot of issues in its development, including caching issues that force the unloading of webm assets, but that only emboldened me to work harder and learn more.

I'm now working on importing the app into React.

Animations (CSS)
Original design
Responsive Design
Social Media Integration

Scope Creep

Scope Creep has been my most ambitious project to date, and a piece I'm constantly working on and improving. It currently exists a proof-of-concept story-telling framework running a work-in-progress story.

Built in Javascript, this served as my entry into developing an API for my purposes, designed with future expandability in mind. This API permits the developer to produce their own story with a simple and easy-to-understand interface, though with a powerful choice-based system.

It was a lot of fun to make, and offered me a chance to try out new ideas for styling effects in CSS, including scanlines, image artifacting, and pixelation. The 'Options' button provides the user with their choice of traditional computer terminals for the styles to emulate, including a plaintext option as an accessibility feature.

Advanced CSS Styles
Original API
Original design
Responsive Design

Movie Night

Movie Night was a collaborative project with the purpose of using a chosen third-party API to render a small and fun application.

Movie Night's premise is simple: Provide the user with a randomly-picked movie recommendation based on a chosen genre, preferred age, and preferred quality (lower-quality movies having the 'I wanna watch something trashy' tagline).

We used's API for this purpose, and developed a clean, Kodi-inspired design as its output.

Collaborative work
Pair Programming
Original Design
Responsive Design
Third-party API

Cronus (PSD)

Cronus is a large, single-page spread mockup, and only the second PSD conversion I had ever attempted.

My personal challenge in this PSD conversion was to add an additional challenge of adding features and elements not necessarily breaking faithfulness to the original.

Though originally made with very little responsiveness (as was instructed), I continued to work on making it fully responsive with a few additional touches.

I'm proud of the things I learned through this exercise and the new and interesting design tricks I had implemented.

Overall, developing this site, though not of my own original design, was a fun experience and allowed me to test my creativity in ways I hadn't often explored.

PSD Conversion
Responsive Design

Foot-Forward (PSD)

Foot-Forward is another PSD conversion site I found interesting and fulfilling to work on.

The reason is, specifically, because of the limitations imposed in the exercise: Objects must be aligned using only floats. That meant taking a careful approach to ensure that collisions between objects wouldn't happen. With the additional factor of making the site fully responsive, this conversion was a lot of work to pull off, despite the very simple aesthetic.

Ultimately the work I've found most rewarding are those not necessarily the most aesthetically-rich, but that provide the greatest learning experience.

PSD Conversion
Responsive Design